Holland Festival 2013

Holland Festival at Sandown Park

Festivals of any Country are great to attend and dotted around the Melbourne calendar there is one almost every week from every Country around the world, a reflection on this great multicultural city.  Country Festivals are both educational and entertaining, an experience to have a peek into their lives, traditions and culture.

This Sunday the 16th of February 2013 I went to one, the Holland Festival held at the Sandown Park. I took a few photos and is a good way to express what you see and observe at these events. Here are a few of the photos I took with my Canon cameras, a G9 and a 5D.

Some of the bands fetured were, SWAY, The Victorian Police Band, The Frankston City Band, The Continentals, and songs by Amigos, Peter Van Abel and the Gumtree Drummer.

The Dutch food was simply delicious Poffertjes, Olliebollen,Herring, Dutch Cheeses and Croquettes, topped off with some good Dutch beer, Grolsch

See my post at http://kevin-peterson.net/?page_id=6473

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